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Universal sofa  MORANT is prepared for everything.

The search for a stylish and comfortable lounge furniture can be considered over. The modern Morant corner sofa is a balance between a stylish look and functionality.

After a hard day at work, sit comfortably on the seat filled with a 110 mm high bonell spring. You will certainly appreciate the high backrest in the form of backrest cushions during long movie screenings. Their filling with silicone and foam increases the comfort of use. Attaching them permanently makes them stay in the same shape, providing stable support for the back. You can rest your arms comfortably on the even surface of the armrests.

You can prepare a comfortable place to sleep by unfolding the Morant corner sofa bed. The dolphin mechanism will help you with this. Thanks to rubberized rollers, it protects the floor against damage. In the large container for bedding there is room for blankets, pillows and a duvet.

Are you wondering what the Morant corner sofa has in it? Just look at the charming lifts in the backrest cushions and decorative satin feet. Thanks to these details, it is not only functional, but also aesthetic.


Versatility of the combination - the ability to independently change the layout of the corner

Special features of the furniture:
• Universal corner sofa with sleeping function and container for bedding.
• Possibility of changing the page layout (right/left).
• Mechanism on a trolley supported by rubberized rollers (Delfin type) - protection of the ground against damage during unfolding.
• Bonell springs in the seat - increased comfort of use.
• Large container - increased storage capacity.
• Easy access to the container.
• High backrest - stable support for the back.
• Inclined backrest and deepened seat – obtaining an optimal sitting position and increasing the comfort of use.
• Backrest cushions fixed permanently - shape stability of the backrest.
• Softened silicone filling of the backrest cushions.
• Combination of polyurethane foam and silicone non-woven fabric in the backrest filling - high comfort of the backrest and increased durability of the cushion.
• Smooth surface of the armrests - optimal support.

Easy to clean.

Sectional Sofa MORANT (Universal)

  • Width: 227 cm (89.4 inches)

    Height: 105 cm (41.3 inches)

    Depth: 170 cm (67 inches)

    Weight: 138 kg (304.3 lb.)

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