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  • Do you offer layaway?
    Yes, we offer layaway. We also offer multiple financing options that would allow you to get your product sooner. Please call us for layaway options.
  • Do you offer delivery?
    Yes, we offer delivery free of charge. Type of shipping depends on the size of the product (small, larger usually on a pallete, etc.). For more information please read our Shipping & Deliveries Policy.
  • Do you offer White Glove Service?
    Yes, we offer white glove service. This is a paid service which includes furniture assembly, setup and in-house installation (if possible i.e., depending on ZIP code). As the cost varies based upon the type of product and service, please contact us for an estimate.
  • Does it come in another color?
    Please, take a look at the catalogs on our website showing more selection and color variety. Products available on this website are in stock and available for immediate purchase and delivery. In case you are looking for a product available in our catalog but it doesn't show up on our website, we are able to pre-order it for you. Contact us for pre-orders*. *Please, note that our typicall pre-order turnaround time is about 90-120 days.
  • Where is this furniture made?
    Our furniture products are made in the European Union using safe, environmentally friendly, and quality materials. Our products comply with the highest standards i.e., safety and quality of craftsmanship through attaining certification levels mandatory in the European market. Most of our items are sealed with low or zero emission levels, high grade finishes to assist with scratch resistance and color retention.
  • How long will it last?
    The life of your new furniture will be dependent on your lifestyle and the use of the product. We offer various furniture products and designs in various cost ranges based on the materials used. Please contact us if you have any questions to point out the various types of construction to help you determine the best materials and build for your furniture needs.
  • Is the furniture made of solid wood?
    Each product on our website includes a short description and the material used. While some of our products are constructed using solid hardwood, some items may only include solid hardwood construction in high-impact areas such as the foundation, fronts and frame. In addition to a hardwood foundation, the product may also include MDF or furniture-grade plywood in low-impact or decorative areas where strength isn't necessary. The reason for this combination is to save on the cost of materials in order to guarantee more affordable prices alongside high-quality materials and additional support.
  • Does the bed include a mattres?
    No. Typically, our beds come as a bedframe together with the headboard. For our beds you need to by the respective (based on the size of the bedframe) slats and mattress. Please note, our beds are platform beds and don't require box-spring. Exceptions are bunk beds (see description on our website) which usually come with a custom mattress. This is to make sure the bunk bed has a mattress of the correct thickness to prevent injury (faling from bed). Using your own mattress for bunk bed is prohibited as we are not liable for such action. For more, please read our store policy.
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