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Do you like the simplicity of shapes, timeless forms and high functionality of furniture? The Cabras sectional/ corner sofa is for you! It will delight you with its geometry, subdued design and unobvious solutions.

Turn on the TV, prepare snacks and get comfortable with the whole family. Then you will appreciate the function seat and mattress filled with corrugated spring and foam. When sitting in front of the TV for a long time, it is important to optimally support your back, which is provided by back cushions filled with foam and silicone. The backrest is reinforced with an upholstery belt and fixed permanently. You can rest your arms on the armrest, which will work as a place for small items, such as a remote control, a book or snacks.

Worried about scratches on the floor? The Dolphin type mechanism in which the classic corner is equipped is supported on rubber rollers that do not scratch the surface when unfolding. So you can fully enjoy an even sleeping surface measuring 126x186 cm. A large storage and easy access to it makes it easy to store a duvet and pillows.

Does such a simple shape hide some aesthetic solutions? The role of decoration of the Cabras sectional/corner sofa is performed by drawstrings in the backrest and seat, a durable single-needle seam and wood used in the slats and feet.

Corner available in left- and right-hand version.


Special features of the furniture:
Right-hand corner with a sleeping function and a container for bedding
Mechanism on a trolley supported by rubberized rollers (Delfin type) - protection of the floor against damage during unfolding
Corrugated springs in the seat and mattress, i.e. the entire sleeping surface - comfortable and uniform sleeping
Large storage co.mpartment - increased storage capacity
Easy access to the storage compartment
Raised seat - easier to get up and increased comfort of use
Fixed backrest cushions - shape stability of the backrest and increased comfort
Upholstery belts and softened foam on the backrest increase the fit of the figure and create a functional whole
Combination of polyurethane foam and silicone non-woven fabric in the filling of the backrest cushions - high backrest comfort and increased durability of the cushions
Flat surface of the armrest - optimal support and a convenient surface for placing small items
Decorative drawstrings in the backrest and seat - aesthetic appearance
Decorative one-needle seam - increased seam strength and harmonious appearance
Feet and decorative strip made of hardwood - durability and aesthetic appearance
Right-hand version also available 2F.OTMBK


Sectional Sofa CABRAS (Right Sided)

Color: Palacio 06 Light Grey
  • Width: 241 cm (95 inches)

    Height: 97 cm (38 inches)

    Depth: 221 cm (87 inches)

    Weight: 132 kg (291 lb.)

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