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Bookcae with square shelves is a unique alternative to traditional constructions. The furniture not only looks very original, but also provides a lot of space for setting books and decorations.

- Modern design is the secret of a comfortable space decorated in an economical, yet expressive style. Simple forms and a thickened frame of this fbokcase will add charm to any interior.

- Extensive colors ensure freedom of choice and the ability to create unique, tailored interiors. Take advantage of the possibilities and combine this bookcase with elements of other pieces from Nepo collection.

- Easy assembly. Thanks to the instructions included with the furniture, you can easily assemble the furniture yourself.

- Nepo collection perfectly combines modern design with functionality.

Bookcase Nepo

SKU: S301-REG/19/8-DSO
  • Depth: 38.5 cm (15.2 in)

    Width: 80 cm (32 in)

    Height: 185 cm (73 in)

    Weight: 51.15 kg (113 lb)

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