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A modern dining room is within your reach. Choose the Valerian Dinming Table, which will become the focal point of family gatherings. The fold-out table top will allow you to create additional seats in an easy and quick way, all thanks to the retractable insert that will save space on a daily basis and quickly expand the possibilities of the table. 

You will find a combination of functionality and style in the Valerian table. You will appreciate the fold-out top up to 180 cm (71 inches) long when visiting friends. Pull out the insert from under the table top and create an additional place for guests. Every day, it will work in the basic length, equal to 140 cm (55 inches). Two color versions are a guarantee of successful matching of the furniture to the arrangement.


White Gloss Pedestal Dining Table VALERIAN

  • Length: 140-180 cm (55 - 71 inches)

    Width: 90 cm (35.4 inches)

    Height: 76 cm (30 inches)

    Weight: 54.75 kg (121 lb.)

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