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Product description:

- Rupi furniture system will help you create an ideal room for a growing teenager.
- Bunk bed is an ideal solution best suited for small rooms, where every inch of space counts.
- Top bunk is the sleeping area, while the lower part of the bed can be arranged according to your needs - by installing a desk and a chair, adding a second sleeping area or creating a play area.
- The set includes slats and mattress for the top bunk.
- You can purchase the lower bank, designed to fully utilize the available space, for an additional fee.
- Stable ladder allows your child to go up and down safely.
- Rounded sides increase the safety during everyday use.
- Bunk bed will look great paired with other Rupi collection modules. Multitude of options for organizing your child's space allows you to make it really special.

- If you want to ensure proper, comfortable rest for your child, use the interior design accessories we have to offer


Used materials:

Container: particle board,

Pillars: birch plywood

Ladder: birch plywood

Wooden side slat: alder plywood

Mattress: foam, wool, mattress fabric


Product use:

Clean with a damp cloth or paper towel. Do not use strong detergents except for those intended for use with furniture.


To be assembled by the customer.

Bunk Bed Rupi

Color: Belluno Light Oak
  • Length: 190 cm (74.8 in)

    Width: 90 cm (35.4 in)

    Height: 180 cm (70.9 in)

    Waga: 74.8 kg (164.9 lb)

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