Scandinavian style cabinet. The Haga cabinet combines the best features of the Scandinavian style, functionality, natural design and timeless character.

You have four deep shelves and the same number of drawers at your use. This arrangement allows you to arrange items of various sizes - clothes, towels, school supplies, tableware.

Use the large table top to display photos and plants - it's an easy way to liven up the interior.

Characteristic elements in the form of wooden legs and a table top in the shade of Polish oak, as well as black handles diversify the subdued colors of the furniture.

Comfortable use of the chest of drawers is due to the high-quality guides and hinges with a silent closing mechanism.

Choose the Haga cabinets if you want a comfortable storage space and a natural Scandinavian effect.


White and light oak Cabinet Haga with 2 doors and 4 drawers

Color: Canadian White / Polish Oak
  • Depth 43.5 cm (17.1 inch)

    Width 151 cm (59.5 inch)

    Height 95 cm (23.2 inch)

    Weight 80.7 kg (178 lb)

    Number of drawers: 4

    Number of doors: 2