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Do you have collection of movies or favorite vinyl records? Are you looking for a piece of furniture that will allow you to display it? This Moko cabinet includes an impressive open space that is created for this type of task. This attractive piece of furniture in contemporary style is inspired by the 1960s. This is emphasized by remarkable fronts and sophisticated, timeless colors of varnished fronts.

Thanks to the different color versions - Dark Gray / Black Anthracite - you will choose a piece of furniture tailored perfectly to your taste. The interior of this cabinet has a shade of Polish Oak, and the wooden legs are stained in the style of solid oak.

The Moko cabinet has varnished fronts. Comfortable use for many years is ensured by branded hinges. The cabinets have a tip-on open mechanism that avoids the problem of closing.

Cabinet Moko

SKU: S262-KOM2D3S/7/15-AN/DANA/RAL7016
Color: Dark Gray / Black Anthracite
  • Depth: 41 cm (16.1 in)

    Width: 150 cm (59.1 in)

    Height: 65 cm (25.6 in)

    Weight: 50.55 kg (111.4 lb)

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