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Product description:

• Raflo furniture system has been created for people who appreciate minimalism and functional arrangement of space.
• Original design of the cabinet is created using a corrugated board produced using a special technique.
• Attractive glass elements were used on both the front and the sides of the cabinet. Those elements are what makes this piece of furniture look unique and light.
• Compact size makes it fit even small interiors.
• Cabinet door is left handed.
• The inside is made up of five practical shelves, one of which is backlit using a halogen lamp provided with the cabinet and helping expose the corrugated interior.
• Hardened glass used on the front is very durable, making everyday use of the cabinet safe.
• High quality hinges can be adjusted in all three planes.
• The glass-door cabinet fits perfectly in a living room or dining room and is a perfect addition to other furniture from Raflo collection.


Used materials:

Frame: particle board, finish foil,

Fronts: particle board, finish foil, toughened brown glass, glued MDF slats, grooved, PVC foil, glued MDF board, grooved, PVC foil

Accessories: lighting – spot halogen, Hettich hinges


Product use:

The furniture surface should be cleaned with a damp cloth or paper towel. Do not use strong detergents except for those intended for use with furniture. The display case should be cleaned with mild detergent and wiped with soft cloth.


To be assembled by the customer.

Cabinet Raflo (right)

SKU: S126-REG1W/19/6I-OSV
  • Depth: 35.5 cm (13.9 in)

    Width: 59 cm (23.2 in)

    Height: 192.5 cm (75.8 in)

    The number of doors: 1 

    Lighting: included

    Weight: 46.5 kg (102.5 lb)

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