Candle Holder - a six-pointed base for a candle
Evenings by the fireplace or candlelight? If the latter, then you will need a suitable fixture in the form of a metal candle holder. It will protect the piece of furniture against wax, properly expose the candle and will be a decoration itself.

All thanks to its original design. The six-arms cone is crowned with a dedicated place for the candle tip. The decorative candle holder is made of metal, making it stable, resistant to deformation and high temperature. An element size will work well as a solo or duet. Light a candle and enjoy the glow that beats from the flames that are reflected in the golden base of the candlestick.

Set the table, put a vase with flowers and a decorative candle holder on it. Or maybe a few candlesticks? Light candles, put on dishes and celebrate moments with your family in a unique atmosphere.

Candle Holder

SKU: THK-070030
Color: Gold
  • Length: 15.5 cm (6.1 in)

    Width: 13.5 cm (15.3 in)

    Height: 15 cm (5.9 in)

    Weight: 0.258 kg (0.57 lb)