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Luxurious spacious chest of drawers contains 8 drawers. Easy installation.

At the top is a drawer across the width of the chest of drawers, which is divided in half by a dividing wall.
In the middle there are 6 small, practical drawers.
The drawer at the bottom is divided into two parts mounted on one face.

Top - beech wood

Body - chipboard, veneered chipboard,
Drawer fronts - beech wood
Feet - beech wood.
Handles - Siro (metal)

Cherry wood cabinet ORLAND

SKU: S71-KOM8S/140-CRO
Color: cherry wood
  • Weight: 86 kg (190 lb)

    Total height: 90.5 cm (36 inch)

    Overall width: 140.5 cm (55.3 inch)

    Total depth: 51 cm (20 inch)


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