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Nepo Plus desk - will encourage you to study and work

Thanks to the modern Nepo Plus collection, you can create an ergonomic space for the youth room and home office.

- Make sure you have space for work and study. In its center, place a Nepo Plus desk, where your child will do their homework and you will complete the documents. You can always have office accessories at hand, thanks to 2 compact drawers.

- The laminated surface protects the furniture against scratches and facilitates its cleaning.

- Let your child choose the color version of the furniture. A wide range of 8 color options will facilitate the creation of your dream arrangement. Do you prefer a light shade of white, dark wenge or natural sonoma oak? Or maybe a stylish combination?

- Easy access to the contents of the drawers is provided by horizontal handles.

- You can complement the Nepo Plus youth desk with a dresser and a hanging cabinet. Check out other elements of the collection that cannot be missing in the student's room.


Desk Nepo

Color: Wenge
  • Length: 100 cm (39.4 in)

    Width: 59 cm (23.2 in)

    Height: 76 cm (30 in)

    Weight: 26.65 kg (59 lb)


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