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Nepo drawers - 3 practical storage compartments

The Nepo collection impresses with its light, modern form and multitude of blocks, which will fit into the different tastes and needs.

- How to organize the space under the bed to make it the most functional? Nepo drawers will help in this, you can store pillows, quilts and blankets or toys.

- In order to increase the resistance to scratches and temperature changes, we covered the surface with laminate.

- You can adjust the drawers to the arrangement by choosing one of 3 colors: white, sonoma oak and wenge.

- Easy access thanks to integrated handles and mobile wheels.

- A set of 3 drawers is dedicated to 140 Nepo bed. You can choose a bedside cabinet, dresser, wardrobe and other elements of the Nepo collection and create a timeless and ergonomic arrangement.

Drawers set of 3 Nepo

  • Weight: 26.75 kg (59 lb)

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