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The children's room is a space for the child to relax, play, learn. It performs various functions at once, and its equipment must be adapted to this. GRAPHIC furniture brings an easy opportunity to create such a space for a boy and a girl. The basis is a dark gray design - gray tungsten, which has a neutral effect and can be easily combined with white glossy and yellow. The set offers a number of ideas and variations on how to practically and functionally furnish space for students and young schoolchildren. You can liven up the set with geometric, comic stickers.

GRAPHIC dresser is 5 drawer of dresser with plenty of storage space for books and clothes

Dresser Graphic

  • Depth: 38.5 cm (15.2 in)

    Width: 57 cm (22.4 in)

    Height: 91.5 cm (36 in)

    Waga: 29.39 kg (65 lb)

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