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Do you work a lot during the day and want to relax in the evening? Your favorite book, music and a well-chosen mattress that will complement the bed will help.

Ceres mattress will allow you to take a comfortable place, relax and sleep.

Medium firm mattress is an ideal solution. It is they who will appreciate the perfect filling of the mattress consisting of foam, coconut fiber and pocket springs. Thanks to this, you get flexible point support, adjusting to the curves of the body.

You can stretch comfortably over the entire surface of the mattress, and then you will appreciate the separated 7 comfort zones.

Thanks to them, your head, shoulders, spine, hips, thighs, knees and feet gain perfect support. Choose the perfect flexible frame for the Ceres mattress, with which it will create an excellent basis for rest in the bedroom. To enjoy the impeccable appearance of your mattress for many years, wash cover regularly.


Special features of the furniture:
• 7 hardness zones guaranteeing ergonomic adjustment of the mattress to the shape of our body.
• Independent, medium hardness pocket springs. Their location in separate pockets provides point flexibility and adequate body support.
• Double-sided mattress, covered with elastic polyurethane foam with hygienic certificate.
• One-sided mattress additionally hardened with a layer of natural coconut.
• Mattress hardness: high on the coconut side, medium on the non-coconut side.
• Clima + summer / winter cover, quilted with breathable cotton on the summer side, and thermal fleece on the winter side.


• Mattress height approx. 21 cm (8.3 inch) .

 25-year warranty on springs.

Medium firm.


Bed Frame and slat are sold separately


Euro Full size Mattress 140 Ceres Clima+

  • Length 200 cm (79 inch)
    Width 140 cm (55 inch)
    Height 21 cm (8.3 inch)
    Weight: 27.5 kg (61 lb.)

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