Kids bed 90 Caps - no concern for a good night's sleep...

- The Caps collection is a combination of natural coloring with original accessories that will appeal to both children and teenagers.

- A long bed will work both in childhood and during the child's growth. Comfortable rest is provided by a well-fitted mattress, which should be purchased separately. A practical headboard will protect the wall from getting dirty, and prevenyt the pillow from falling.

- You can expand the functionality of the bed by buying separately a drawer with casters or a bottom slide-out bed.

- Belluno light oak colors are the perfect basis for interior design.

- Grooved side reinforcements are available in gray, pink and blue. A wide range of colors and functionality of the handles will help create a child's original room to play and learn.

- Simple assembly. Thanks to the understandable instructions, you will assemble the furniture yourself.

- Elements of the Caps collection can be freely composed to create a fully functional interior.

Note: the price of the bed does not include slats & mattress. Slats (90 cm) & mattress (90 cm) needs to be purchased separately.



Frame: chipboard, foil, MDF decorative strip, headboard with thickening


Product use:

Clean the furniture using a soft cloth or paper towels. Do not use strong chemicals or materials with a rough or rough structure.

Furniture designed for self-assembly.

Kids Bed Caps

Color: Belluno Light Oak / Pink
  • Length: 205.5 cm (80.9 in)

    Width: 95 cm (37.4 in)

    Height: 41.5-70.5 cm (16.3-27.8 in)

    Length of the sleeping surface : 200 cm (78.7 in)

    Width of the sleeping surface: 90 cm (35.4 in)

    Weight: 27.75 kg (61.2 lb)