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Wardrobe Strzalka - a compact place for clothes.

Are you looking for the right furniture for a kid's or teenager's room? The modern collection Strzalka will allow you to develop a corner of children's creativity.

- A single-door Wardrobe Strzalka can be a real treasure in a child's room. The interior with a bar for hangers and a high shelf will allow you to conveniently store clothes.

- A small, high structure will be a hit if you are arranging a small and inconspicuous room. The wardrobe will take up very little space and will significantly increase its functionality.

- Innovative color combination - subdued colors of light oak belluno and champagne beige have been enriched with the color of fresh lime.

- A funny arrow-shaped handle is an application that emphasizes the youthful nature of the furniture.



Light Oak Wardrobe STRZALKA

SKU: S208-SZF1D/20/6-BSZ/DJB
$369.00 Regular Price
$313.65Sale Price
  • Depth: 52 cm (20.5 inches)

    Width: 60 cm (23.6 inches)

    Height: 198 cm (78 inches)

    Weight: 42.6 kg (94 lb.)

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