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Bookshelf Strzałka - storage for books and more

Are you looking for the right furniture for kid's or teenager's room? The modern Strzałka collection will allow you to develop a corner of children's creativity.

- The bookcase from the Strzałka collection, dedicated to the youth room, will be perfect for storing things you want to have at hand. In five practical shelves you can arrange books and toys or display decorative elements.

- The asymmetric shape of the furniture gives a three-dimensional effect, stimulates the child's imagination and emphasizes the modern character of the interior.

- The right-hand bookcase is distinguished by larger shelves placed on the right side.

- The body in the light oak belluno color is the basis for the unique application in the uni color pea green.

- What distinguishes it is a green decorative strip in the shape of an arrow.




Light Oak Bookcase STRZALKA

  • Depth: 38 cm (15 inches)

    Width: 75 cm (29.5 inches)

    Height: 200 cm (78.7 inches)

    Weight: 34.8 kg (77 lb.)

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