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Gamers love to win. When completing their gaming accessories, they choose products that also win. One of them is the Prosper gaming chair - repeatedly awarded in lists and rankings of chairs for esports players.

Players who spend many hours playing the game need comfortable conditions to break their records. The Prosper gaming chair meets all their requirements when it comes to comfort and ergonomics. The black membrane mesh provides good airflow, which you will appreciate on hot days. The TILT mechanism means that while sitting on the chair, you will have no problems with a tilted posture and a sore neck. It allows you to lock the vertical position, which is perfect for players. The dimensions of the armchair are 64 / 101-111 / 64 cm.

In addition, the Prosper gaming chair has mounted armrests, thanks to which hands and arms can rest during the game. The player's cards also rest, for which a special pillow behind the head is responsible. All this means that the player can only focus on the game!

Office/Gaming Chair PROSPER Black

  • Width: 64 cm (25 inches)

    Depth: 64 cm (25 inches)

    Height: 101-111 cm (39.76 - 43.7 inches)

    Weight: 12 kg (27 lb.)

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