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Office Lux corner desk - perfect for a large office space. The Office Lux collection is office furniture that combines aesthetics and functionality, thanks to which it will work well in modern offices.

Standard table tops too short? The Office Lux corner desk guarantees a lot of space to work. Long table tops will allow you to simultaneously work manually and use the computer freely. There will also be a place for a desk lamp and the necessary assortment.

The top and the back panel of the furniture are made in a light gray color, which does not overwhelm the room despite its dimensions.

There is also a practical use hole through which you can lead cables from a laptop or lamps. The desk's stability is ensured by a thicker table top, a solid frame made of chrome-colored steel and back panels. With the Office Lux collection you will create an ergonomic office space. Use a desk, a mobile chest of drawers and a set of shelves to enjoy your dream office arrangement.

Light grey Office Lux Corner Desk

SKU: S363-BIU/223/170-JSZ
  • Length: 223 cm (87.8 inch)

    Width: 170 cm (67 inch)

    Height: 77 cm (30.3 inch)

    Weight: 68 kg (150 lb)

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