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It looks fantastic in a children's and youth room, it is an effective complement to the wardrobe - the Tahiti pouffe. Its unusual shape on the basis of a circle and the structure of the material attracts the eyes of children and adults.

The foam-filled seat has an even surface that you can use as a handy table. Use a decorative tray on which you can place a mug with hot coffee or tea. Thanks to its compact dimensions, you can use the lounge furniture in a small room. Check how perfect the pouf will look in your home.

The modern character of the Tahiti sofa is emphasized by the fabric with a graphic pattern.

Special features of the furniture:
•The seat is filled with foam.
• Small dimensions - the possibility of arranging a small space and saving space.
• Flat seat surface - can also be used as a handy table.
• Fabric with a graphic pattern - gives a modern character.


Ottoman TAHITI Cappuccino

Color: Sawana 1761 Cappuccino
  • Width: 62 cm (24.4 inches)

    Height: 35 cm (13.8 inches)

    Depth: 62 cm (24.4 inches)

    Weight: 9 kg (19.8 lb)

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