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Are you sick of soup or sauce stains on your favorite tablecloth? Your furniture is full of characteristic round reflections on the plates? The solution to your problems can be a practical place mat.

A place mat is primarily a practical product that will definitely come in handy every day. How many times have each of us stained a tablecloth or table with food? To prevent this, just place a mat under the plate - if you spill the contents of the plate, everything will land on the place mat. Diameter is 33 cm (12.9 in), so it is a very universal size that works well for larger and smaller plates.

The place mat has a deep black shade and a pattern imitating snake skin. Both these features make it acquire an elegant and very fashionable character. The black placemat will beautifully contrast with the white tableware, while combined with the ceramic, dark set will acquire an even more chic character.

Round Place Mat Black

SKU: THK-061267
Color: Black
  • Diameter: 33 cm (12.9 in)

    Weight: 0.4 kg (0.2 lb)

    Material: Plastic

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