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Time for a change in the apartment? We present the stylish Arles corner sectional, where everyone will find their favorite place. It is thanks to it that you can separate the seating area in the living room.

During everyday use, you will appreciate the comfort provided by the uniform filling of the seat and mattress. There are corrugated springs and foam inside. Three rectangular backrest cushions and softened and raised armrests, on which you can put your arms, will take care of the ergonomic support of the spine.

In the relaxation zone, it is worth focusing on functionality. A corner with a sleeping function is a perfect solution, and at the same time easy to use - it is thanks to the automatic support device. You can enjoy an even and comfortable sleeping surface measuring 51"x87" (129x221 cm). An invaluable advantage of the lounge furniture are as many as two containers for bedding, in which you can store a duvet and pillows as well as a change of bedding.

It is worth emphasizing the decorative pulls on the backrest cushions, wooden legs and a kedra, which emphasizes the shape of the Arles corner sectional.


This sectional is universal i.e., it can be assembled as right or left sided.


Special features of the furniture:
- A corner with a sleeping function and a container for bedding
- Universal ie.e., right / left sided
- Corrugated springs in the seat and mattress, i.e. the entire sleeping surface - comfortable and uniform sleeping
- Efficiently and easily operating automatic support device - convenience of unfolding
- Two containers for bedding - increased storage capacity
- Extended sleeping surface - increased functionality and comfort
- Removable backrest cushions - increased usable area
- Rectangular shape of the pillows, filling made of polyurethane foam and silicone - optimal and ergonomic support for the back, increased backrest comfort and convenience of use
- Elevated and softened armrests - provide stable and comfortable support
- Decorative drawstrings and buttons in backrest cushions - aesthetics of appearance
- Decorative kedra - emphasizes the shape and creates a harmonious whole
- Decorative feet made of hardwood.
- Two decorative pillows included


It is possible to make furniture in a different fabric, in accordance with the template and price list available at the point of sale.

Sectional Sofa ARLES (Universal)

  • Width: 104.7" (269 cm)

    Height: 36.2" (92 cm)

    Depth: 63.4" (161 cm)

    Weight: 251 lbs (114 kg)

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