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Are you looking for a corner sofa/sectional that will have a practical backrest on both sides, creating a comfortable seating area?

The stylish BORA sectional/corner sofa can be placed in a spacious living room, where you usually meet with the whole family, or in a guest room, where it is worth creating comfortable sleeping conditions.

A piece of furniture can be comfortable or really comfortable. This is the modern sectional/corner sofa BORA. Its seat filled with foam and corrugated springs has been supplemented with an additional layer of highly elastic foam, which softens and increases comfort.

The deepened seat and high, sloping backrest will allow you to get the optimal body position, thanks to which you will not get pain in the spine even when sitting in front of the TV for a long time. You can put your arms or the remote control on the wide, softened armrest.

The corner sofa with the sleeping function can be unfolded in a moment thanks to the Dolphin mechanism, which will protect the floor from damage. In this way, you get a uniform sleeping area of 130x193 cm. Thanks to the storage comparment for bedding and easy access to it, you can conveniently store a duvet and pillows.

The BORA corner sofa is decorated with drawstrings in the seat and backrest, which emphasize its harmonious appearance. The furniture is based on plastic feet.

Special features of the furniture:
Right-hand corner with a sleeping function and a container for bedding
Mechanism on a trolley supported by rubberized rollers (Delfin type) - protection of the floor against damage during unfolding
Corrugated springs in the seat in the seat and mattress function - a homogeneous sleeping surface
In the seat, an additional layer of highly elastic HR foam - increased softness and comfort
Easy access to the storage comparment .
Inclined backrest and deepened seat - obtaining an optimal sitting position and increasing the comfort of use
Raised backrest - stable support for the back
Softened armrests - increases the comfort of use
Equal surface of the armrests - optimal support
Both parts of the corner sofa are equipped with backrests - increased comfort of use and support for the back
Decorative pulls on the seat and backrest - create a harmonious and aesthetic appearance
Decorative plastic feet - increased durability and strength during use

Sectional Sofa BORA

  • Width: 244 cm (96 inches)

    Height: 93 cm (36.6 inches)

    Depth: 244 cm (96 inches)

    Weight: 163 kg (359 lb.)

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