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The stylish and modern corner sofa Carl II LUX 3DL.RECBK is a perfect proposition for a spacious living room. Equipped with a high backrest and adjustable armrest, it provides stable and comfortable support.

The pocket filling of the backrest cushions allows for an optimal and ergonomic fit to the body. The living room corner has 2 containers for bedding, thanks to which you can fit additional pillows and blankets in them.

This corner sofa is characterized by a large sleeping surface, ensuring a comfortable sleep. Increased relaxation is also due to the corrugated springs in which the backrests and the seat have been equipped. You can easily unfold the Carl II corner sofa with the sleeping function thanks to the automatic support device it has been equipped with.

The corner is also available in the left-hand version.

Special features of the furniture:
- Right-hand corner with a sleeping function and a container for bedding.
- The filling of the seat is a corrugated spring and foam.
- The mattress is filled with corrugated springs and foam.
- The backrest (pillows) is filled with cut foam and silicone.
- Efficiently and easily operating automatic support device - convenience of unfolding.
- High backrest - stable support for the back.
- Two containers for bedding - increased storage capacity.
- Corrugated springs in the seat and backrest, i.e. the entire sleeping surface - comfortable and uniform sleeping.
- Large sleeping area - functionality and comfort.
- Pocket filling system for backrest cushions - increased durability of the cushion, high comfort of the backrest, optimal and ergonomic fit to the body.
- In the lid of the container, a pin with a nut is used - quick disassembly of elements and easier carrying of the furniture.
- Adjustable armrest - increased support comfort.
- Feet chrome-plated.
- Decorative drawstrings in the backrest and seat cushions - aesthetic appearance.
- Carl II LUX RECBK.3DL other-sided version also available.

It is possible to make furniture in a different fabric, in accordance with the template and price list available at the point of sale.

Sectional CARL II (Left Sided)