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Your home is a space where you can be yourself. That is why it would be worth not missing a comfortable lounge furniture. The Evia corner sectional will prove itself as the central point of a home oasis of peace and relaxation.

We understand the need for comfortable rest, which is why we filled the seat with corrugated springs and a layer of foam. You will find the same one in the backrest, it is thanks to it that it is soft and comfortable - and this is very important in supporting the spine. You can adjust the adjustable headrests to your needs. You will take a comfortable position resting your arms on the armrests.

The Evia corner sectional with the sleeping function is a practical solution for a studio apartment or a living room. The mechanism supported on rollers (Dolphin type) will protect the substrate against damage, and at the same time, it unfolds quickly and easily. The sleeping area of 51.5" x 77.6" (131x197 cm) is the perfect place for two. A large container for bedding hidden in the ottoman and direct access to it means that you always have a duvet and pillows at hand.

The modern corner sofa is distinguished by original stitching on the armrests, reinforced seams and raised wooden feet in silver.

Versatility of the statement - the ability to independently change the layout (right / left)


Special features of the furniture:
- A corner with a sleeping function and a container for bedding
- Versatility of the statement - the ability to independently change the page layout (right / left)
- Mechanism on a trolley supported by rubberized rollers (Dolphin type) - protection of the floor against damage during unfolding
- Corrugated springs in the seat and mattress, i.e. the entire sleeping surface - comfortable and uniform sleeping
- An additional layer of foam in the seat and backrest - increased softness and comfort
- Large container - increased storage capacity
- Adjustable headrests - ergonomic support
- Additional reinforcement of the seams with a thread - single-needle seam - increased seam strength and aesthetics of the finish
- Elevated feet - easier access to the ground during cleaning
- Decorative feet made of hardwood - increased durability and strength during use


It is possible to make furniture in a different fabric, in accordance with the template and price list available at the point of sale.

Sectional EVIA (Universal)