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This elegant sectional Fondo was created for those who appreciate modern, spacious interiors, but want to have a practical piece of furniture.

The backrest on both parts, pulls in the armrest and decorative seams make the piece of furniture look amazing.

Filling the seat and mattress with corrugated springs is a guaranteed recipe for success. The sectional Fondo will also surprise you with permanently mounted backrest cushions - this ensures their stable shape and optimal back support. Three adjustable headrests, an unlimited chaise longue and a practical armrest - you will appreciate all this during the day.

What about at night?

Certainly easy and quick unfolding thanks to the Dolphin mechanism, as well as a sleeping surface of 120 x 194 cm (47.24 inches x 76.38 inchces). It will provide a homogeneous and comfortable place to stay for two people. You can store pillows and duvet in the bedding storage. It remains only to wish you colorful dreams.

This sectional  Fondo with a sleeping function and a storage comparment is a practical arrangement of a living room and a studio apartment. It is in them that a place to stay integrated into everyday leisure furniture works. See for yourself!



Sectional Sofa FONDO (Right Sided)

  • Width: 255 cm (100.39 inches)

    Height: 85-99 cm (33.5 - 39 inches)

    Depth: 202 cm (79.5 inches)

    Weight: 138 kg (304.3 lb.)

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