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Corner sectional Kirsten IV 2F.URCBK - comfort in your living room

The Kirsten IV corner sofa can successfully replace an armchair and a sofa, and thus save a lot of space in the living room.

The advantage of a modern corner sofa is the ability to independently change its layout. You can choose to mount it left or right. Individually adjust it to the size and layout of the room.

It is a corner sofa with a sleeping function, equipped with a convenient folding mechanism on a trolley (so-called dolphin). To prevent damage to the floor during unfolding, rubber rollers are used. The furniture has a container for bedding.

Foam and corrugated springs in the seat and mattress were used as its filling. They are a guarantee of comfort during sleep and relaxation during the day.

The additional two-needle head translates into high durability and aesthetic appearance of the upholstered furniture.

Special features of the furniture:
- Universal corner with sleeping function and container for bedding.
- The filling of the seat is a corrugated spring and foam.
- The mattress is filled with corrugated springs and foam.
- The backrest is filled with an upholstery belt and foam.
- Mechanism on a trolley supported by rubberized rollers (Dolphin type) - protection of the ground against damage during unfolding.
- Plastic feet.
- Corrugated springs in the seat and mattress - comfortable and uniform sleeping.
- Large container - increased storage capacity.
- Armrests fixed with screws.
- Additional reinforcement of the seams with thread - double-needle seam - increased seam strength and aesthetics of the finish.

It is possible to make furniture in a different fabric, in accordance with the template and price list available at the point of sale.

Sectional KIRSTEN (Universal)

Color: Soro 93 Gray
  • Width: 93.7" (238 cm)

    Height: 33.4"/38.6" (85/98 cm)

    Depth: 63.8" (162 cm)

    Weight: 244 lbs (111 kg)

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