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If you are arranging a living room, you know that it must have a leisure and entertainment section. This one can be separated using the Marawi sectional/corner sofa. The simple construction impresses with its minimalism, thanks to which it fits into many arrangements.

A seat filled with a combination of springs and foam provides a comfortable place.

Three large back cushions filled with foam will provide optimal support for the spine. On the wide, comfortable ottoman you can sit or lie down comfortably.

This place is liked by children who can sit on it with their favorite mascot. On the wide and low armrest you can put down the remote control or a book.

You will appreciate the living room corner with a sleeping function for its area of 137x248 cm, where you can comfortably spend the night. It is also a great place for your guests who decided to visit you during the weekend. You can store bedding in a dedicated storage conpartment.

The Marawi sectional/corner sofa is the only right answer to the eternal question "corner or sofa?".

Special features of the furniture:
• Left corner
• Corrugated springs in the seat - comfort of use
• Wide, comfortable ottoman
• Hidden sleeping function and container for bedding
• Wide armrests - increased support comfort
• Decorative single-needle seams - increased seam strength and harmonious appearance
• Removable back cushion - increased usable area
• Decorative metal feet and wooden slats

Sectional Sofa MARAWI (Left Sided)

Color: Arte 77A Blue
  • Width: 315 cm (124)

    Height: 87 cm (34 inches)

    Depth: 212 cm (83 inches)

    Weight: 148.5 kg (327 lb.)

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