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Are you wondering how to arrange a home oasis of relaxation? We know the answer to this question! Choose a Matras corner sectional! Sit back on a mattress filled with corrugated springs and forget about the world around you. In the seat there is an additional layer of highly elastic HR foam, which will turn "5 minutes for yourself" into a half-hour siesta. After the nap, you can put the bedding in a large container in the corner.

The modern corner sofa stands out not only with a large sleeping area, but also with great comfort in use. The furniture is equipped with an efficient and easy-to-operate automatic device that supports unfolding and protects the floor against damage. Therefore, using the corner sofa every day is pure pleasure.

How to vacuum the floor under furniture? This is usually a big problem. The stylish corner sofa has raised feet made of hardwood. Thanks to this, you can easily reach the vacuum cleaner pipe under the furniture and clean every corner of the room.


Special features of the furniture:
- Right-hand corner with sleeping function and container for bedding
- The so-called sleeping function. Puma - an efficient and light-operating automatic device supporting unfolding and protecting the ground against damage - convenience of use
- Wavy springs on the entire sleeping surface - comfortable and uniform sleeping
- In the seat, an additional layer of highly elastic foam - increased softness and comfort
- Large container - increased storage capacity
- Wide armrest - increased support comfort
- Decorative stitching and drawstrings - aesthetic finish
- Adjustable headrests - ergonomic support and increased comfort of use
- Elevated feet - easier access to the floor during cleaning
- Decorative feet made of hardwood - increased durability and strength during use
- Left hand version NA-MATRAS-RECBK.2F also available to order

Sectional MATRAS (Right Sided)

  • Width: 103.5" (263 cm)

    Height: 34.2"/38.6" (87/98 cm)

    Depth: 80.7" (205 cm)

    Weight: 330 lbs (150 kg)