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If you have a spacious living room and a large family, or you often invite friends, a large Ramzes corner sectional sofa-bed will be a good choice. It will successfully replace several smaller pieces of furniture, becoming the base of your home relaxation zone.

The Ramzes fold-out corner is the perfect place for an evening lazing in front of the TV. Each member of the household will feel fully comfortable here thanks to the filling of the seat with corrugated springs and foam. Also pay attention to the headrests with several height adjustments. The headrests are set independently, so you can adjust them to your needs.

A corner sofa bed is a practical solution for any interior. Even if you have a separate bedroom and do not need to disassemble the furniture every day, it will be useful in the event of a longer stay of guests. The dolphin type mechanism allows you to turn the corner into a bed with a sleeping area of 50" x 100" (126 × 256 cm) - even a very tall person will sleep comfortably here. Corrugated springs in the seat and mattress give a homogeneous surface conducive to peaceful rest. You can store the duvet and pillows in a large container for bedding.

You can place the U-shaped corner against the wall or in the middle of the room. It is a great solution for a larger space, for example with a kitchen open to the living room. The modern form will give style to any arrangement - the classic body is diversified by decorative quilting and chrome legs.

Special features of the furniture:

- Corner sofa with sleeping function and container, dolphin unfolding mechanism
- U-shaped corner with a large seating area and sleeping area - increased space development possibilities due to different sizes of blocks
- Sleeping mechanism on a trolley supported by rubberized rollers - protection of the floor against damage during unfolding
- Corrugated springs in the seat and mattress - uniform sleeping surface
- Container - increased storage capacity
- Large sleeping area - functionality and comfort
- Adjustable armrests - customized support
- Headrests with adjustable backrest height - several-stage adjustment allows you to adjust the height of the headrest to your body position
- Both parts of the corner sofa are equipped with backrests - increased comfort of use and support for the back
- Decorative drawstrings in the seat and backrest - a harmonious and aesthetic appearance
- Decorative metal feet - increased durability and strength

Sectional RAMZES

  • Width: 129.1" (328 cm)

    Height: 31.5"/37.4" (80/95 cm)

    Depth: 84.6"/68.1" (215/173 cm)

    Weight: 392 lbs (178 kg)