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Can a piece of furniture be not only functional, but also elegant? The Sotelo II corner sofa proves that comfort goes hand in hand with aesthetics. The piece of furniture encourages you to rest, and thanks to its size, every tenant will find his favorite place.

Evenings in front of the TV, afternoons with a book and Sunday socializing take place in the lounge. That is why you will appreciate the corner sofa for the living room for its soft and comfortable seat filled with foam and corrugated spring. The raised, inclined backrest will allow you to get the optimal body position. You don't have to worry about backrest cushions slipping and losing their shape - they are fixed permanently.

Have the guests settled in? Within a few minutes, you can unfold a corner sofa with a sleeping function and create a place for them to sleep. Thanks to the Delfin folding mechanism, the unfolding of the furniture will be quick and efficient. The uniform filling of the seat and mattress creates an even sleeping surface. You can store pillows and a duvet in the large bedding container.

The modern corner Sotelo II requires an appropriate frame. It is made of decorative drawstrings in the backrest and armrest with a single-needle seam. The stylish corner is based on chrome-plated plastic feet.

Don't worry about bringing in and arranging the furniture. Thanks to the pin, you can quickly disassemble the elements and easily bring the furniture to the desired place.

Corner available in right- and left-hand version.


Special features of the furniture:
Right-hand corner with a sleeping function and a container for bedding
Mechanism on a trolley supported by rubberized rollers (Delfin type) - protection of the floor against damage during unfolding
Corrugated springs in the seat - comfort of use
Elevated and inclined backrest - obtaining an optimal sitting position and increasing the comfort of use
Fixed backrest - stability of the backrest shape and increased comfort
Easy access to the container
Both parts of the corner sofa are equipped with backrests - increased comfort of use and support for the back
In the lid of the container, a pin with a nut is used - quick disassembly of elements and easier carrying of the furniture
Decorative drawstrings in the backrest and armrest - aesthetic appearance
Decorative single-needle seams - increased seam strength and harmonious appearance
Decorative chrome-plated plastic feet - aesthetic appearance


Sectional Sofa SOTELO (Left Sided)

  • Width: 250 cm (98.4 inches)

    Height: 93 cm (36.6 inches)

    Depth: 184 cm (72 inches)

    Weight: 122 kg (269 lb.)

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