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The Denvo compact corner sofa proves that even a small area can be arranged in a functional way. It is equipped not only with a sleeping function and a container, but also with practical armrests. Find out what they hide!

A fold-out corner sofa measuring 100" x 56" (256x142 cm) will be perfect for a studio apartment and a youth room. It is universal for first assembly, which means that you can only choose the page layout when it comes from the store.

The Denvo model is distinguished by a number of creative solutions that allow you to organize your home space. The folding mechanism on the lifts will help you easily and quickly turn the corner into a spacious bed for two. A uniform sleeping surface is made of bonell springs and foam in both the seat and the mattress. In the container for bedding, you can hide a duvet and pillows.


An interesting patent is a storage compartment in the armrest - in small apartments, each place of this type is at a premium. You can keep a soft blanket here to cover yourself on a cool evening. The storage compartment is crowned with an artisan oak furniture board - it will be a practical shelf for the remote control.


Under the second armrest there are two ottomans - no more problems with "Where to seat guests?" On a daily basis, the ottomans will be aesthetically hidden, you can also use them as footstools during movie screenings. Three backrest cushions filled with cut foam and silicone ensure comfort of use. It will be extremely nice to sit down here after an intense day.


Special features of the furniture:

- Universal for first assembly - possibility to choose page layout before first assembly (right/left)
- Bonell springs 13 cm in the seat and mattress - uniform sleeping surface
- Bedding container

- increased storage capacity
- Decorative double-needle seams - harmonious and aesthetic appearance
- Armrest with a container /PBK/ - additional storage space
- Armrest with 2 pouffes /PH/ – additional seating
- Removable spacer pillow

- increased sleeping surface

Sectional with Ottomans DENVO (Universal)

  • Width: 100.7" (256 cm)

    Height: 34.2" (87 cm)

    Depth: 55.9" (142 cm)

    Weight: 308 lbs (140 kg)

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