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Do you dream of a beautiful and functional leisure area? How about a Lord sofa bed? This type of furniture will be used both during the day and at night. And its stylish design will enrich your place of relaxation!

The three-seater Lord sofa with dimensions of 93"x38.2" (237x97cm) will add splendor to both a social meeting and a movie night. After all, it is hard to imagine these ways of spending time without a comfortable piece of furniture. Here you can sit down royally. The exceptional softness is due to the highly elastic HR foam in the seat. Appropriate ergonomics are also ensured by adjustable headrests and high armrests. It will be nice to use them while watching TV or reading a book.

A sofa with a sleeping function is a good choice for representative living rooms and rooms that fulfill several functions, including a bedroom. After all, an extra place to stay will always come in handy. With one move, you can change the sofa into a spacious bed using the puma mechanism. And when you lie down ... you will be very comfortable. Wavy springs are used in the seat and mattress, which gives a uniform sleeping surface.

Do you have more space to use? You can combine the three-seater sofa with other furniture from the Lord collection. Each of them has a back in the upholstery fabric, which gives a wide range of arrangement possibilities.

Special features of the furniture:

- 3-seater sofa with sleeping function

- Efficient and light operation of the puma type automatic unfolding device - convenience of unfolding

- Corrugated springs in the seat and mattress function - homogeneous sleeping surface

- Practical way of unfolding - when unfolding the sofa does not need to be moved away from the wall

- Back in furniture fabric - more arrangement possibilities

- Adjustable headrests - ergonomic support

- Highly elastic HR foam in the seat - increased softness and comfort

- Equal surface of the armrests - stable and comfortable support

- Decorative drawstrings and stitching - a harmonious and aesthetic appearance

- Decorative single-needle seams - decorative finish


Color: Comfi 02 Grey
  • Width: 93.3" (237 cm)

    Height: 34.6"/38.6" (88/98 cm)

    Depth: 38.2" (97 cm)

    Weight: 260 lbs (118 kg)

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