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The STREET IV LUX 3DL sofa bed guarantees both a good night's sleep and perfect relaxation during the day. The sleeping surface is even, and inside it is filled with Bonell springs, which significantly affect the sense of comfort.

Relaxation while sitting on the sofa bed is provided by pocket-filled pillows. Thanks to their use, the backrest is not only durable, but also comfortable, as they adjust to the back in an ergonomic way.

An efficient automatic machine allows for quick unfolding of a modern sofa. The backrest is mounted using metal pins, and the capacious container will fit all the bedding elements.

The aesthetics of the sofa bed is influenced by the use of decorative, durable threads, which are also a decorative element.

Special features of the furniture:
- A sofa with a sleeping function and a container for bedding.
- The seat is filled with bonell and foam.
- The mattress is filled with bonell and foam.
- The backrest (pillows) is filled with cut foam and silicone.
- Efficiently and easily operating automatic support device - convenience of unfolding.
- Decorative threads - double needle stitch.
- Pocket filling system for backrest cushions.
- Even sleeping surface.
- Large sleeping area - functionality and comfort.
- A large container for bedding.
- Satin material feet.
- Back of the sofa in furniture fabric.

Sleeper Sofa STREET

  • Width: 77.6" (197 cm)

    Height: 37.4" (95 cm)

    Depth: 38.6" (98 cm)

    Weight: 205 lbs (93 kg)

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