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The unique Tivoli sofa is a piece of furniture that will not only provide you with comfortable rest, but is also an effective piece of equipment. The sofa can be arranged so that it becomes the focal point of the living room. It can stand in the bedroom, living room, office. It will perfectly match the glamor style decor. It will suit classic elegance and retro.

The Tivoli sofa has a high backrest, which will ensure a comfortable seat during the evening relaxation. Wide seating places will solve the problem of extra chairs during the party. High armrests allow for comfortable support.

The sofa is upholstered in a very pleasant to the touch material. The filling of the seat, backrest and mattress is foam and corrugated spring. That is why the furniture is so comfortable - it does not dent during use. Wooden feet add slenderness to the sofa. Decorative stitching and buttons on the backrest cushions match the color of the upholstery. The color of the sofa can be chosen according to your preferences.

The Tivoli sofa can be combined with dark antique-style furniture. It is complemented by decorative pillows with gilded motifs and decorative lamps. You can create a luxurious corner at home with a sofa in the lead role and relax with a book or your favorite TV program.


Special features of the furniture:
- 3-seater sofa with sleeping function
- DL type unfolding mechanism - allows for quick and easy unfolding
- Corrugated springs in the seat and mattress
- Large container - increased storage capacity.
- Large and comfortable sleeping surface with a spring function
- Decorative stitching, quilting and quilted pillows with buttons in the color of the fabric add character to the sofa.
- Elegant, slender feet made of wood add grace to the furniture and perfectly match the colors of the sofa.
- The height of the legs allows you to keep clean under the furniture.


Color: Riviera 95 Dark Gray
  • Width: 88.2" (224 cm)

    Height: 35.8" (91 cm)

    Depth: 37.4" (95 cm)

    Weight: 210 lbs (95.4 kg)

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