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Azteca table - a place for family meals

Smooth fronts, rounded edges and a decorative strip acting as a handle - all this distinguishes the modern Azteca collection.

- The dining room is complemented by smells coming from the kitchen and the Azteca table on which these fragrant dishes will land. Did you invite friends? Relax, thanks to the fold-out function, you can quickly adjust the table to the number of guests. You can hide the insert under the countertop and always have it at hand.

- Table top available in two colors: white gloss and san remo oak. You can decide on the color of the strip located on the sides of the flap - choose oak wenge brown, white gloss or black gloss. Choose legs available in two colors: wenge oak and black.

- Legs placed at an angle ensure stability and visual lightness of the dining room table.

- You can choose a dedicated or one of our extensive collections for the table.

- Azteca table is a place for dinner, long discussions and board games. Thanks to the extensive collection, you can create a coherent arrangement of both the living room and dining room



Top: furniture board
Frame material: wood


To be assembled by the customer.

Table Azteca

Color: White Gloss / Wenge Oak Brown
  • Length: 145-185 cm (57-72.8 in)

    Width: 85 cm (33.5 in)

    Height: 76 cm (29.9 in)

    The possibility of unfolding: Yes

    Number of inserts: 1 

    Weight: 43.1 kg (95 lb)

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