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Product description:

- Modern TV cabinet  for the living room Elegant but very functional multimedia stand will help to create a relaxation zone for the whole family.

- The design of this piece is the essence of the modern style. Handle-free, simple fronts catch the eye with their perfectly white, glossy surface free from any unnecessary frills.

High gloss fronts are covered with a durable laminate, which creates a special coating strengthening the resistance to scratches and other mechanical damage.

- The extended fronts are slightly longer than the surface of the body, so the piece can be easily opened.

Brand accessories with silent closing system enable comfortable everyday use of the furniture. Hinges have special brakes that slow the fronts down right before finally closing and almost silently making contact with the frame.

- The interior is equipped with two double drawers which provide plenty of storage space for electronic gadgets and household devices.

-Choose the colour of the strip strip which divides the fronts: white or tungsten grey.

Trixo collection comprises glossy white furniture in a modern style. The modules, designed for personal configuration, help to arrange a stylish living room with plenty of storage space and place to relax.


Used materials:

Body: particleboard, laminate, finish foil

Fronts: MDF slats, laminate, PVC foil

Accessories: guides enabling silent closing, plastic legs


Terms of use:

The surface should be cleaned with a damp cloth or paper towel.


To be assembled by the customer.

TV Stand Trixo

Color: White / White Gloss
  • Depth: 47 cm (18.5 in)

    Width: 150 cm (59.1 in)

    Height: 46 cm (18.1 in)

    Weight: 43.1 kg (95 lb)

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