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Bedroom is where you start and end each day. Make it a haven for everyone. A Vegas bed frame will work for this purpose, which is distinguished by a timeless, simple form and large size.

The Vegas Euro queen size bed has a raised headboard that you can lean against in the evening while reading a book and in the morning when you slowly start your day. It is also an excellent protection against slipping of the pillow or dirt on the wall. The thickened body of the bed increases stability and, together with the high headboard, creates a harmonious look. Elevated hardwood legs give the bed a visual lightness, but are also practical. Thanks to them, you can get a vacuum cleaner even very far.


Mattress and slats are sold separately.

Upholstered grey bed frame 160 (Euro Queen) VEGAS

  • Width: 70 inches (176 cm)

    Height: 41.7 inches (106 cm)

    Depth: 85.4 inches (217 cm)

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