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Are you looking for wall decorations for the industrial arrangement of a youth room or study? This wall clock is a recommended addition. It is thanks to him that you can watch work and study time, and at the same time enjoy an interesting interior design.

A wall clock with an impressive openwork frame is a practical and effective element of interior decoration. The metal rods are connected in such a way that they form a multi-armed frame of the clock. Their golden color and black hands will emphasize the character of the decor. You can hang a 60 cm diameter clock at any height, keeping it in sight at all times. Will you hang it over a desk, above a bed or next to a dresser?

Don't let the last bus run away. The metal clock will make it easier for you to control the time - thanks to it you will never be late. An additional advantage is its original design, which works well in the room of a teenager as well as for adult.

Wall Clock

SKU: THK-070231
Color: Gold
  • Diameter: 60 cm (23.6 in)

    Weight: 1.2 kg (2.6 lb)

    Material: Metal

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